Saturday, April 12, 2008

Anekta mein Ekta ? ? ?

Ever since i was a kid I have heard that our country India is all about Anekta mein Ekta - Unity in diversity ! I used to watch this small advertisement 'Anketa mein Ekta' on Doordarshan as a kid where a young girl teaches her brother and friends about ekta.My mother used to tell me this bed time story about these pigeons and the hunter. But as i grew up and got to know the world around me, this 'Ekta' seems to be vanishing and diminishing very fast. I am not denying the fact that we have shown unity when it comes to wars against Pakistan, Bangladesh and China.
Everyday in the news we see one caste fight against the other.
Even here in Melbourne the typical Indian mentality hasn't changed !! When you ask a person " where are you from ?" instead of saying " India" the INDIAN would say " I am from Gujrat or Punjab or South ". Why dont these people rise above the states and say " I am from India !!" I fail to understand that.
A few days back I was studying in the library and there was this Indian guy from South India sitting next to me. We started having a conversation and i said something to him in Hindi.The conversation was something like this -

Me - " something in hindi...... bla bla bla "

GUY - " I dont know YOUR LANGUAGE !! "

(Yes he said 'your language'.)

ME - " What do you mean by your language? Aren't you from India"

GUY - " No, I am from South India !"

ME- " Isn't S. India a part of India ?? And by the way its not my language its our language ! Hindi is our national language !"

GUY - " I dont understand Hindi, dont think I am rascist "

ME- " You should make an effort to learn Hindi. You call yourself an Indian and you cant even speak two lines in Hindi. What kind of Indian are you. You should be ashamed of yourself !! "

GUY - " I dont want to learn Hindi "

This was it ! I got so angry that i told him that he had no right to call himself an Indian and such people should be thrown out of the country and got up and left !
I am still in a state of shock ! First he said your language and then he said he doesnt want to learn hindi ! What kind of Indian is he ?

Why cant we Indians try and rise above the fact that someone is Gujrati, Punjabi, Malyali, Maharashtrian or bla bla bla !
Why do 2 gujrati's or 2 south indians talk in their language only even if they are in a group of non-gujrati's and non-s. indians!! Why cant we rise above the states, the languages and the caste ! Why cant we all be just Indians !! Our ancestors started with the caste system and we call ourselves literate and educated but we still follow what our ancestors taught us and they believed in ! I know whatever I am saying wont change overnight but our we the younger generation or the future of India making any efforts to solve these issues. Most of the youngsters ( Future of India ) I see are too busy with their respective girl friends and boyfriends and going to pubs ! I wonder what future India has ? The kids are just blindly aping the west ! They all want to be KOOL and HAPPENING ! I am not trying to sound like a 60 yr old but if all of us dont realize that it takes a lot to become a great nation ( like my brother would put it ) - is desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta !

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